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Our Vision

At Shahir, we have an unwavering commitment to providing Halal food choices of integrity and quality. We believe you should never have to compromise on taste or tradition, and when you choose Shahir, you don’t have to.

Our History

A long-time vision of Ahsan Razak, Shahir is the culmination of not only Ahsan’s passion of better food choices for Muslim families but also his connection to the community. Growing up in Vancouver, Canada in the 1970’s and 1980’s with recently immigrated parents, Ahsan noticed that Halal food options were limited. This was a sentiment shared among many members of the community, whether children or parents, and they would often discuss ways to solve the limited options. There were very few, if any, Halal meat shops or restaurants and Halal availability in the mainstream market was non-existent. However, the community intertwined through their shared faith was determined to create a path for a better future. Today, that same passion and commitment is reflected in our brand, Shahir. Today Insha-Allah, Shahir can offer quality products while adhering to Halal integrity.

Our Commitment

Shahir sets the standard for quality, taste and tradition in Halal meats. As we continue to grow and expand the products we offer to the Muslim community, it is our hope that Shahir becomes the name you rely on to be a part of your family, every day.

Our Community

To us, Shahir not only represents the products we offer but also our relationships within the community. We acknowledge our heritage and cherish being a part of this Muslim community. Today, we look forward to continuing as patrons of our local Ummah. We envision Shahir being a part of your choice not only in your homes but also at social gatherings and community events.